Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Good Things Come to an End (for now...)

After taking the summer off, I thought I would write one more post.

Today marks the introduction of the Amazon Kindle Fire. This iPad competitor stresses services over hardware. As such, they could charge $499 and do well. Instead they're charging $199.

This contrasts with HP, RIM and others who offered only hardware with NO services and STILL charged $499. They should have charged $199 for these 'hardware only' products. Now they can't even do that thanks to Amazon.

The next move is RIM's. Will they add services and become a premium tablet? Or will they just sell basic hardware and be happy as a commodity tablet? As of today, 'hardware only' tablets need to sell for much less than $499.

Bye for now - and enjoy tablet computing.  We are just getting started.

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