Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pimp my PlayBook


I bought a BlackBerry branded Convertible Case the other day. It's a folding cover that also doubles as an angled stand.

I was rather surprised to discover that the case does NOT work with the PlayBook Rapid Charging Stand.  The case prevents the charger's contacts from connecting to the PlayBook.

But I am a geek so poorly designed products don't last long around me. When in doubt, I modify.  For example, here's a video of how I dealt with an iMac SSD last winter:


Fixing my PlayBook case and charging stand was easy:
  1. Cut the bottom of the case so it does not interfere with the charging stand. Don't worry. The trimmed part of the case is hidden under the genuine imitation leather flap.
  2. Trim the plastic lip on the charging stand with a Dremel tool and add a more substantial piece of wood trim to provide better clearance and stability.
  3. Case and stand now work great together.

The modified case holds my PB as firmly as before. The stand looks cool too.

I suspect the case designers didn't know about the stand and vice-versa. Don't be surprised if version 2 looks more like mine :)

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