Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choose Your Use Cases Wisely

Think carefully about how you will use actually tablet and you may be happier in a few weeks when the novelty wears off.

I think of mobile devices as a progression from small to large.  Each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

My phone is always with me.  I use it for running common apps like contacts , email, emergency web browsing - and oh yeah - phone calls. I have multiple notebooks for doing real work.  With 100's of gigabytes of storage, large 16:9 screen and a keyboard, notebooks can do almost everything.   

A tablet fits the narrow use case in between: I want more than my phone but don't have access to a notebook. I will never use a tablet when a notebook is available and I have work to do.  I do not need the tablet to duplicate many of the apps from either my phone or notebook  (FWIW: I typed this post on my MacBook and not my PlayBook)

The most important tablet apps are: web browser, web browser, and web browser. The PlayBook has the best tablet browser by a very wide margin (it is based on Webkit and has the best Flash tablet implementation). The PlayBook's browser will be hard to beat for quite some time. 

OK.  I do occasionally use music and video players. To play music, I just copy AAC and MP3 files to the music folder on my PlayBook. The PB music player automatically indexes and organizes everything for me.  Playing music requires no additional steps. Tara's iPad can't even copy files. And to add insult to injury, she has to sync all content via iTunes. 

Video content works the same way. I copy WMV, MPEG2 and H.264 files to my PlayBook and they just play.  Tara's iPad can only play a limited number of H.264 files.  And once again, she must use iTunes. 

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