Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calendar, Contacts and E-mail

RIM chose to deliver version 1.0 of the PlayBook without  calendar, contacts and e-mail (a.k.a. PIM) applications.  They chose instead to deliver the world's best tablet Web browser and User Interface (UI) NOW so we could benefit from these leading edge solutions without having to wait.

I couldn't be happier. As a geek, I want to see rapid improvement and innovation in preference to so called 'fully-baked solutions' that often move forward at the speed of a glacier.

Here's what PlayBook PIM apps will look like later this summer.


RIM also pushed the third major update to the PlayBook earlier this week. That's 3 updates in two and a half weeks!  

I appreciate these frequent improvements. We are getting leading edge tablet software as soon as it becomes available. This is a major improvement over old fashioned tablets like the iPad that still have the same UI and design as my iPhone did two years ago. A tablet is NOT a phone. Giving us just a phone UI on a tablet is not good enough.

Geeks create the future.  Others wait for the future to be in the past.  PlayBook owners will ride a wave of innovation over the next few months and get the best tablet OS before most anyone else.  iPad laggards will have to wait for the Apple Developer Conference in 2013.


  1. Are you writing apps for it yet? ;)

  2. You bet. I am trying to write a 'back to my iPhone app' :)