Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to get a PlayBook

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to get a PlayBook 
  1. Seamless software updates over WiFi.  Old style iPads require a cable and connection to a PC running iTunes.
  1. Perfect size for sneaking into the bathroom for a quick read.  You know you want to do it!  With an awkward iPad, everyone else will know it too.
  1. You can use your existing wireless data plan for free - including iPhone data plans.  In many parts of the world, iPads are expressly forbidden from sharing iPhone data plans.
  1. Has a good looking flip case + stand that actually works. The new magnetic iPad case looks like a circa 1960 bi-fold closet door that is hard to hold when using your iPad. Some say it makes a great fridge magnet.
  1. You can easily copy files to and from your PlayBook.  File copying is forbidden on an iPad.
  1. Get an optimized tablet User Interface written in this decade. The iPad has just a phone interface from 2006.
  1. Shoot great looking 1080p HD video.  The iPad looks like a phone in comparison.  Oops, that's unfair. The iPhone shoots better video than an iPad.
  1. Great for thumb typing! The PlayBook is easy to hold and type. Typing on the iPad is like tapping on a cookie sheet.
  1. Watch any video media format. The PlayBook supports them all. The iPad shows only specially produced H.264 videos from iTunes.

and finally... the number one reason to get a PlayBook...

  1. Flash !!!


  1. I called your shot on #1. That was easy. But I enjoyed #9 the most!

  2. 11. Makes a good book reader (comes with Kobo). And unlike a broadsheet-sided iPad, you can read it on the bus just like a paperback without having everyone else read it with you.