Friday, May 13, 2011

Pimp my PlayBook - Round 2

(No post yesterday - I was waiting for this one to dry)

A while ago I fixed a problem with the BlackBerry Convertible Case.  Today, let's tackle most famous of all PlayBook hardware nags: The Power Button.

Many people think the button is too small. Those with big fingers like me, know the button is simply recessed a bit too far.

I am a geek - so complaining is not good enough.  I must have a fix.  So here it is...

Raised PlayBook Power Button

1. Go and get a tube of  GOOP Adhesive.  It doesn't really matter which type of GOOP.  I have found they all work about the same. In fact, I use a Canadian equivalent from LePage.

2. Find some Duct Tape.  Just about any tape will do.  Duct Tape just has an aura about it.


3. Create a frame around the Power Button with a few layers duct tape.

4. Carefully pour some GOOP adhesive into the duct tape frame. Let it set for about 5 minutes.

5.  Remove the tape and gently shape the partially cured adhesive into a rounded button.

                               (Actual modification at 4X magnification)

6. Wait 24 hours and you'll have a Perfect Power™ Button.

The new button is a joy to use - and it works even better with the Convertible Case.

                  (Modification is invisible at normal viewing distance)

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